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Explore a vast selection of carefully crafted wines, from amazing Chardonnays, to spicy Pinot Noirs and other exclusive bottlings

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Experience first hand what wine making is all about at our charming tasting room, located at our estate, just off the vast vineyards

Quality Vines

A truly great wine can only be born from a special plant, that's why our vineyards mix a selection of the most appreciated vine breeds

Premium Wine

Bishop's Wine
White Dry

The Bishop's Premium Wine is a controlled origin dry white made from Kakhuri Mtsvane grape varieties cultivated at medium-high altitude and mixed in a specially created environment. This will guarantee it's special taste and uniqueness

Event Wine

Sauvignon Blanc

Transylvania's sauvignon is perfect for organizing events that will stand out. It's sweet aroma and unique perfume come from the Rkatsiteli vine breed, late harvested and bottled after oak barrel storage of at least two years

Limited Selection

The Cardinal
Pinot Gris

The Cardinal late harvest Pinot Gris surpasses even the highest expectations. Made from a secret mix of high altitude breeds, this white miracle has a unique aroma. Award wining in it's category since it was first introduced in 2008

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Wine Aroma is the biggest wine producing company in Eastern America. We craft our premium wines and distribute them all over the world. Winning competitions has been a pride of our company since we started our activity back in 2003

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